Monday, 24 September 2012


Harmanpreet Sharma
Harmanpreet Sharma

Planets and houses are said to give their maturity effects at certain ages in a person's life. The planets are more significant in this regard.

When a planet matures at a certain age, the full potential of the planet will be able to manifest at that time. Whatever a planet promises in the chart, will be clearly visible in a person's life at that age. 

This is a very important method of prediction and can often work like magic.

In some cases just knowing a person's age without having access to their chart can give you a strong idea of what they are experiencing in life and how that planet corresponding to their age actually functions in their chart.

The maturity planet will show its intrinsic nature as well as the results of its chart placement. The intensity of its effects will last until the next planet matures.

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